The Clipper Magazine to add video, social media and PR services for the nut and dried fruit industry

The makers of the  Clipper Magazine are leading experts in the dried fruit and nuts market. Now the publisher offers state-of-the-art services for global BtoB-communication. Professional video interviews and mini-documentaries for companies in the nut and dried fruit business during trade conferences. The Clipper offers production, postproduction and distribution to Youtube channels, Websites, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and other social media. Mini-Documentaries on video and filmed interviews are the perfect tool for global corporate communication: Fast, personal and direct. AgroPress makes sure all your clients receive the video directly after postproduction. Videos are ranked well in search engines providing a boost for online marketing performance.

The corporate video services are available at the major trade shows like ANUGA, Anuga FoodTecSIAL Paris and many others.

AgroPress, publisher of the Clipper for nuts and dried fruit and The Fruit World for fresh produce has invested substantially to be ahead of the market in digital communication: The magazines are now communicating on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Reddit, Google+ and other platforms nearly every day. “It is a commitment to help the nuts and dried fruit as well as the produce trade every day”, says CEO Axel Breuer of AgroPress. “Today we have the ability to reach precisely every cashew or macadamia, hazelnut, walnut and almond grower or trader, importer, exporter or logistics company. We also invested in transparent and beautiful online communication tools and we will continue to do so”, he adds. B2B communiction tools can be very effective, for many industries ‘social selling’ has become a major ingredient in their marketing strategy – read more.

Based on its online work the company has been getting more and more requests for communication services. “Your company might not be big, but you are still dealing with a global market. Your products are shipped to every continent. If your online communication is up to date you will get more attention, more requests and eventually more business. Today’s tools are so great: You can share company news easily on many different platforms. You can create websites that automatically adapt to the language of your visitors. And you can interact with your clients on mobile phones with personalized messages, little videos and targeted offers”, explains Breuer.

AgroPress now offers very cost-effective services for their clients: Web Design, Social Media Communication (SEO), Social Media Marketing (SMM). “We have low-cost solutions that will effectively target and communicate with your clients. For less than 2,000 USD you might be able to get a modern, responsive, mobile website in combination with great social communication that is as easy to use as your smartphone”, Breuer adds.

The Clipper also offers innovative services for nuts and dried fruit, confectionery, snack and processing industry to target precisely human resources: With its database tools The Clipper is able to exactly identify certain groups of people within the industry that are qualified for positions in trade, post-harvest, production, farming or technology.

“Jobs in nuts and dried fruit can be very specific. The ideal candidate might be on a different continent. He might just be waiting for your job offer, but would not find it. We help bring great human potential and employers in the industry together. We developed smart algorithms to find and communicate with the relevant target groups in innovative ways”, explains CEO Axel Breuer at a conference.

The specific requirements for positions in the industry mean that companies do not have to be visible to thousands of internet searchers and viewers. They just have to find the people with the relevant skills, sometimes a handful of people around the planet. Targeting this specific group gets easier with personal relations of The Clipper Nuts and Dried Fruit Magazine: For over 30 years the magazine and its publisher AgroPress have established strong ties with manufacturers, processors, traders, importers, exporters, scientists in the industry.

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The Clipper is the market leader in global information about nuts and dried fruit: Production and Consumption trends, science and technology, marketing and business strategies for Coconuts, Peanuts, Cashew nuts, Almonds, Walnuts, Chestnuts, Betel nuts, Hazelnuts, Pistachios, Kola nuts, Macadamia Nuts, Brazil nuts and dried fruit.

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All videos are executed by a professional team in any location. Clients can choose and add their own corporate videos, photographs, charts and packshots of products.  Our video  team has created more than 40 videos of industry leaders and prestigious companies like Dole, Univeg, Don Limon and many others.