Scientist find ‘very helpful effect’ in pear variety

The nashi pear, also known for their crisp, water content, grainy textures and its use for tenderizing meat. Researcher’s from CISRO, the Australian government’s scientific research organisation, found out that this fruit contains mega anti- inflammatory agents that can help you manage the damage done by a hangover. They discovered that drinkers who took nashi pear 5 hours before drinking had an amazingly 50% fewer symptoms to develop hangover compared to drinkers who manages to drink without this treatment. The fruit also reduces the memory loss and your sensitivity to light as a result of your hangover symptoms. Nashi pears also reduce the levels of acetaldehyde, which is responsible for the morning-after effect of a hangover.

Scientist developed a new homemade tonic which reduces and cure the effect of hangovers. In their research, they discover that pear has an enzyme that help burn the body and eliminate alcohol, it also prevents alcohol absorption.

One of the worst thing about drinking is the morning after hangover. As you know, hangovers are the effects of alcohol intoxication. They are strong when alcohol has left the body, and  which are characterized by different symptoms. These include a headache, fatigue, thirst, dizziness, nausea and loss of appetite. The severity of a hangover is in the individual, but most people agree that they are very uncomfortable.


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