BioFeed: Fighting fruit flies with a simple idea.

An innovative and very simple innovation from Biotech could change the world of crop protection: Instead of spraying the fruit Biofeed offers a solution which includes a tissue pad that can be filled with any bait or pesticide. CEO Nimrod Israeli claims that it is producing optimum results without affecting fruit quality, taste or harming beneficial organisms on the plant. Watch the video. Biofeed was founded by Dr. Israely, a world renowned fruit fly ecologist, with more than 20 years of experience working with fruit flies. Dr. Israely began his way in the field as a farmer and later on
as a Plant-Protection Officer. While working and studying for his three academic degrees, all granted by the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Dr. Israely has encountered many cases of high-level fruit infestation, despite repeated spraying. In 1994 he began searching for a qualitative technology to replace spraying. Failing to find one, he went on to develop his own. Dr. Israely initiated trials of the Biofeed technology in the year 2000, throughout Israel.
He then established the ‘Biofeed Regime’ as a leading solution for fruit fly infestation that is better in many aspects than spraying (see Effectiveness) and is suitable for area-wide-control.
The ‘Biofeed Regime’ has become a top selling solution and
has changed the way farmers comprehend fruit fly control.

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