New fungicide extends strawberries’ shelf life

Strawberry growers now have more time to get their product to American consumers with a new fungicide from Summit Agro USA. Applied until and throughout the day of harvest, KENJA fungicide fends off botrytis from the field to the packing house. This extends the shelf life of nascent strawberries. “Being a fourth-generation (succinate. dehydrogenase inhibitors) SDHi, there’s nothing else like KENJA,” vice president of sales and development Wade Stewart said. “It’s a Group 7 fungicide, but the chemistry – the actual molecule – is slightly different, not only minimizing resistance potential, but providing an extra ‘kick’ going into storage.” To maximize the yield in strawberries, a harvest-day application has been recommended.”On average, it can add two days to post harvest strawberries, leading to higher quality and greater sales,” Stewart said.While protecting strawberries, KENJA also provides control over Sclerotinia spp. in lettuce and canola, botrytis in grapes and blossom blight in almonds. The label can be checked for specific instructions of use.”High-value growers face a lot of challenges – right up to harvest and all the way to market,” Stewart said. “And that’s where Summit Agro puts our focus. We’re continually looking to introduce new products that address the challenges facing today’s growers, including resistance and safety.”

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