How the tariff war is playing out for nuts from the US

A message from American Pistachio Growers: Following the United States announcement that additional tariffs would be implemented on several Chinese imports, China’s State Council Customs Tariff Commission announced that it will be raising tariffs on American imports. Over 3,000 American products were included in this round of tariffs including everything from fish to plywood, to live horses to mango juice to cut flowers and several agricultural commodities; peanuts, pecans, roasted almonds and walnuts as well as roasted pistachios.

The tariff will increase the ad valorem tariff on roasted pistachios (HS 2008.19.99) to 30% effective June 1, 2019. This marks a 25% increase in the tariff on roasted pistachios since the United States trade dispute with China began. Raw (in-shell and shelled) pistachios were not hit in this round of tariff increases.

Roasted Almonds: 
25% additional tariff – other prepared/preserved nuts or seeds, not elsewhere specified (20081999)

Roasted Walnuts: 
Possible 25% additional tariff – China’s tariff list is unclear whether walnuts fit into this category (20081999)

25% additional tariff – Other prepared/preserved nuts or seeds, not elsewhere specified (20081999)

10% additional tariff – roasted peanuts (ground nuts) (20081120)
10% additional tariff – peanuts (ground nuts) in shell, not for cultivation (120241)
20% additional tariff – peanuts (ground nuts), shelled, whether or not broken (1202.42)
20% additional tariff – peanut (ground nut) kernels, in airtight containers (20081110)
25% additional tariff – other peanuts (ground nuts) prepared/preserved, Not elsewhere specified (20081190)