Wawona Packing Introduces In-House Research Lab

Wawona Packing Company continues to deepen its position as a tree fruit industry leader using an approach that includes land acquisition, research and development and proprietary process control.

In the area of research and development, Wawona has opened a 4,000-square foot, in-house lab dedicated to researching new varietals, sustainable farm practices and conducting field-to-fork shelf life studies.

“Having a lab on site provides us the opportunity to quickly ascertain information on how the fruit is going to grow, eat and then how it’s going to hold up at the store level and ultimately with customers,” said Bob Dick, Wawona’s Director of Research and Development.

“Just because it looks good and has size and color, doesn’t mean it eats well … doesn’t mean we should plant the particular commodity or variety. It’s our ability to conduct extensive studies on site and within our test block that gives us more confidence in the tree fruit that we ultimately choose to grow.”

About Wawona Packing Company

The Wawona Packing Introduces In-House Research Lab. Wawona Packing Company is a third-generation, family-owned business that was founded in 1948. Wawona currently farms in excess of 8,000 acres in the central San Joaquin valley and packs more than seven-million cartons of tree fruit and citrus on an annual basis.

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