California’s Tehama County continues to set output records

“Walnuts dominated in Tehama County,” Gurrola said. “Walnuts had a 37.5 percent increase in value due to acreage and production increases. They accounted for 44.5 percent, at $169,375,600, of the total crop value.”Almonds were second in crop values at $48.2 million with a 14.6 percent increase because of price increases as well as a small uptake in acreage. Table olives, which were third at $30,1 million, saw a huge increase of 117.2 percent due to a recovery from a production decrease brought about by weather and drought conditions in 2013. Other major changes for 2014 included rangeland, which at a value of $13.2 million, saw almost a 100 percent increase while beef cattle values increased 54.5 percent and milk values increased 23.2 percent. Beef and milk increases were caused by record market prices for beef and price increases for milk. Fruit and nut crops had a total value or $280 million, which is up about $64.5 million from 2013 while nursery crops saw a $1.3 million decrease. Livestock and poultry saw a $12.3 million increase at $40.69 million while livestock and poultry products saw a $3.65 million jump with a total value of 418.34 million. Pasture and rangeland increased $5.3 million at a total value of $13.2 million.Vegetable crops remained the same at $350,000 while apiary products were down $2.13 million sitting at $7.4  and field crops were down $5.1 million at a total of $8.9 million. Seed crops were up about $1 million sitting at a value of $1.5 million.All figures in the 2014 report, which is available on the county website, represent gross returns only and do not reflect net income of producers.In regards to exports, Tehama County shipped products including almonds, beans, lumber, pecans, strawberry plants, walnuts and walnut shells to 62 different countries around the world. Strawberry plants, bamboo and olive trees were sent to the states of Florida, Missouri, North Carolina, Oregon and Texas.
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