Our Services

AgroPress is a leading media house and consulting agency in the global fruit and horticulture production and trade.

Our goal is to make decision-makers and leaders of the business more successful – by sharing knowledge, networking, match-making and by creating excellent communication tools.

We offer the following services:

1. Corporate Publishing

Creativity, passion and journalistic expertise – these are the core elements that make up AgroPress AG’s Corporate Publishing unit. Customer magazines, staff newsletters, promotional brochures and annual reports are all a matter of course for our experienced editors. We also produce website content as well as content for online newsletters and tablet applications. Creating tailor-made texts for a variety of clients, the team also produce publications in several languages. As a full service agency, AgroPress provides clients with an entire spectrum of corporate publishing from a single source, produced nationally and internationally in the appropriate languages. Along with printing services, this may also include advertising sales and marketing if required.
More businesses are beginning to realise that corporate publishing is a valuable tool in encouraging customer loyalty. However, this only works when the quality of the end product is on par with publications available at the newsstand. With this in mind, our dedicated and highly-experienced editors create concepts that are perfectly customised to the target groups. Helping our clients every step of the way, ideas are turned into reality by the captivating content that is created. We also work with AgroPress’ designers to tempt the reader with attractive layouts.

2. Public Relations

AgroPress offers public relations services for companies and institutions – with a global network of correspondents, journalists and designers. Advising upon and delivering a wide range of communication tools and services, AgroPress draws on extensive experience in generating effective campaigns that meet set objectives.So whether you are looking to launch a new product, create a buzz in the industry, maintain a consistent market presence, or produce compelling and engaging literature or technical copy: Our team can advise on the right mix of PR and marketing for maximum impact.

3. Market Intelligence

We help our clients in making critical marketing and business decisions with greater precision and accuracy. It is often the most valuable information which cannot be found online: Whilst general information is often available freely in every sense of the word, information that is sufficiently specific, validated and well presented to be of real use to decision-makers often requires a specialist market intelligence provider.

This is achieved through sourcing, organising, managing, analysing and leveraging market data. Our best practice services and comprehensive customer and competitor knowledge ensures that you, will make strategic business decisions with certainty, based on quantifiable market intelligence.

We monitor and communicate

Competitor actions which may impact your business
Threats posed by new or emerging players in the market
The impact of government, legal or regulatory changes impacting your business
Social trends influencing customers perceptions and behaviour towards your industry
Customer engagement and experience with your brand
Technological developments that could revolutionise the way you work.

4. Consulting

AgroPress provides comprehensive consulting services for growers, processors, importers and exporters, associations and government institutions.

– Improving and targeting marketing for new and existing varieties
– Collecting, Anaylzing and Distributing Market / consumer data
– Improving harvesting and processing with modern technologies and procedures
– Gaining access to new and developing markets
– Successful Phytosanitary Compliance, Analyzing Import and Export regulations, tariffs

5. Corporate Branding

Why do we need corporate branding? Corporate branding allows a company to distinguish itself from other competitors in a unique way. Corporate Identity is important to acquire more business and run the current business in a most efficient way. Corporate Identity is also known as branding. It’s upto the communication department to create a corporate identity which stands out from the rest of the world.

6. Product/Consumer Branding

Increasingly, the commercial success of a consumer product is inextricably linked to its design. An innovation that relies solely on the ‘hard facts’ like characteristics and pricing and neglects design will struggle to have an impact in the marketplace, for the modern-day consumer expects to be offered completely new experiences. Companies that score highly for the quality of their design admittedly incur higher costs but they can also charge the consumer higher prices.

AgroPress provides brands with visual character and clothes them appropriately. We communicate the DNA of a brand in a unique appearance to ensure that corporate design also reflects corporate identity. Our organic, integrated approach ensures that the brand has a striking visual appearance and is successfully positioned in the market place. The outcome is a consistently executed holistic brand image, online and offline, or, in short: unmistakeable branding.

7. Web Design / Print Design

We do Web Design & Redesign, Mobile Website Design, Content Management, Ecommerce, Blogs, Website Maintenance, Web Hosting, Website Apps, iPhone Apps, iPad Apps, Branding, Print, Logo Design, Business Card Design, Online Marketing, Social Media, Search Engine Optimization, Email Ads, Landing Pages, Copywriting.

We approach problems from a design and development perspective ensuring the results are impressive, professional and produce results. our ‘can do’ approach coupled with our ability to produce a consistently high standard of work makes us the natural choice for your design and development needs. our work speaks for itself. Because we have an in house graphic design agency we offer our clients the convenience of managing a single relationship that is grounded in understanding the entire scope and goal of every project and delivery outstanding results on time and on budget.

Our company doesn’t just design websites, we can help you with your web development needs as well. We can deliver exactly what you are looking for, such as a custom e-commerce application, client portals for you and your clients to use, Facebook applications for social media integration, and even API development and SQL databases. We can develop a custom application that integrates easily and seamlessly with your website

8. Social Media Marketing / Search Engine Optimization

Social Media Marketing is growing increasingly more prominent, creating opportunity to further establish online reputation and reach vaster markets of online consumers. To help you leverage the advantages of Social Media outlets, AgroPress will oversee and help your team manage Social campaigns, supplementing your SEO initiatives.

Our social media strategies include:

There is more to Facebook than just creating a Fan Page. We’ll help you optimize your page for your brand and important keywords. We’ll also work with your team to implement best practices to increase fans, organic ranking exposure, and referral traffic to your site.

Twitter can be a great way to engage with your current customers, and get the attention of new prospects. AgroPress will implement a twitter listening campaign in order to reply to any posts regarding your company, brand, or keyword focus. We will also consult with you on the best practices for Twitter success.

YouTube, which is owned by Google, enjoys a significant amount of exposure in the organic search results. If you have videos or are thinking about creating videos we’ll help you tag them correctly and set them up for success. We’ll also assist in setting up a YouTube channel.

For B2B businesses LinkedIn has proven to be a valuable tool to help bring in new prospective clients. We’ll work with your team to setup a company account so you can utilize it to garner new business.