Pecan growers are suffering from US politics

Trade wars between the US and foreign countries dates back to the 1970’s when agreements were established an signed. Recent tariff increases have challenged American, and Middle Georgian pecan growers — which hurts the economy. 

Congressman Austin Scott, who’s on the House Agriculture Committee, says China is the number one importer of pecans. But current Chinese tariffs on US pecans are up 40 percent from 2018, causing issues for midstate growers. 

“The lack of exports, it is millions and millions of dollars,” Scott says. “So last year our market took a huge nose dive, both in the volume of pecans going to China and in the price that the growers are receiving.”

Tariffs in India are also high on US pecans currently — Scott says they’re 35 percent compared to a 10 percent tariff on other nuts.

“So what we’ve asked is that US trade negotiators get the tariff on pecans with India reduced to the same level that it is for other tree nuts going into India,” he says.
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