The Clipper next edition: A wake-up call for the Turkish hazelnut industry

The list of competitors for global hazelnuts sales is getting longer, with Chile, Spain, South Africa, Australia – but also Georgia and even countries like Bhutan gaining ground. The list of challenges for the Turkish industry is also getting longer. While short term concerns are political uncertainties, bad blood with western allies and partners, exchange rates, inflation and political friction the long term challenges like climate, consolidation and automation might be even more difficult to tackle.

I talked to Dursun Gürsoy, managing director of Gürsoy and a board member of the Turkish Hazelnut Exporters Union about the current challenges for the industry. Gürsoy has been in the hazelnut business for nearly 40 years.

The Clipper: What do you expect to be the biggest developments in the Turkish hazelnut industry in the near future?

Dursun Gürsoy: Labor costs are rising – because of many factors, mainly inflation. This pushes the growers and processors in Turkey to become more effective…

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