Picket lines causing huge losses at Western Ports in the US

This spring and early summer’s floating picket lines outside the ports of Long Beach, Los Angeles, and Oakland, Calif. which inflicted severe damage on Central California’s citrus, walnut, and cotton industries underscored the need for better labor relations in America. Hundreds(?) of tons of tasty, ripe, and perishable California oranges occupied huge sea worthy containers on board dozens of ships that bobbed and rolled in the waters offshore California’s three major ports, going nowhere for months. The ships contained huge volumes of California walnuts and cotton as well, destined for foreign ports. Those with the know-how and authority to move them overseas were embroiled in a bitter labor dispute pitting longshoremen against the port authorities. Longshoremen are the guys we think of as tough, muscled up, hard-working specimens that load and unload containers and cartons coming into and going out of our international ports. Port authorities are the organizations that manage the port facilities, directing shipments in and out, maintaining the facilities, and paying the salaries of longshoremen.

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By: Don Curlee, Ag at Large Commentary