US Pistachio numbers significantly below last year

According to the US trading company PRIMEX Year-To-Date Shipments are at 125.7 million pounds, a decrease of 7.4 million pounds or 5.6% less than last year. Domestic shipments are 45.8 million pounds, up 5.1 million pounds or an increase of 12.5%. Export shipments are 79.9 million pounds, down 12.5 million pounds 13% less than last year. October total shipment was 83.8 Million Pounds, a decrease of 5.7 million pounds down 6.3%. Domestic shipments are 25.7 million pounds, up 1.9 million pounds or 8% more than last year. Export shipments are 58.2 million pounds, down 7 .6 million pounds 11.5% less than last year. According to PRIMEX the majority of European retailers covered their annual demand prior to the start of the food show ANUGA on Oct 5th. There has been limited trade with European buyers since then as most European retailers covered their annual demand prior to ANUGA and some was done during the show. Since opening prices on September 30th, there have not been many inquiries from Asia to talk about. Thin trading until end February after everyone is back from Chinese New Year holidays is expected.