Upcoming print edition of the Clipper: The advantage of creating your own brand

Pistachio Growers usually do not have the need to market their own nuts: Most growers just deliver their crop to processors who take care of packaging, and branding on behalf of their clients. What are the advantages of creating your own brand? At the Annual Pistachio Conference I talked to Vahid Salehi from Pistachio Global, a farm management and development company in the Central Valley of California with headquarters in Visalia. Salehi has created his own brand ‘Nature’s Gold’ which he sells not only in the US but in overseas markets as well.

“We just thought: Why don’t we just put some energy into this retail brand, start building up the website which we started kind of step by step really getting it marketed and put put it out there and we’ll see. if it picks up great if it doesn’t we always have the other avenues where we were selling anyway.” Vahid Salehi

Learn about Nature’s Gold Pistachios – the success story of a grower brand.

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