Turning fresh produce education into a great adventure

At the London Produce Show I met energetic founder of the Great Fruit Adventure Max MacGillivray. He explains the idea, the scope and the impact of his personal quest to make fresh produce more attractive for children all over the world. The trip will take him and his two colleagues from downtown London to South Africa on a motorbike. The feedback is amazing: Over 90,000 Facebook fans and a lot of media attention. His personal initiative looks like a playbook on how to get the message out. Along the way they will visit the likes of key citrus growers in Spain, the largest grower of sweetcorn in Senegal, an amazing fruit grower in Ghana that supplies Sainsbury’s and Waitrose with prepared fruit products, amazing growers of flowers in Ethiopia and Mozambique, key exotic vegetable and coffee growers in Kenya as well as Tanzania and all of the beauty that South Africa offers in the total range of fresh produce! When they return, the team will visit schools and colleges and attend events across the country to tell their story and spread the word about their epic journey – and the journey that fruit and veg goes through every day to find its way on to our plates. Listen to the interview!

And here is how to promote and support this wonderful initiative:

A huge amount of planning, preparation and thought is going into the trip to ensure it is properly funded, achieves its aims, raises money for charity and that Max and the team get back in one piece!


The more we can do to raise awareness, the better, so we need your help, via social media and traditional media to spread the word.

For interviews, information, pictures call specialist food PR agency, Pelican Communications, who are supporting the project for free to make a contribution to the campaign.

Joe Robinson, Pelican Communications, 01457 820807 or joe.robinson@pelicomms.co.uk


Max and the team will make no money from the trip with all proceeds, once the cost of the trip has been met, going to charity.

  • To donate to the Crowdfunding campaign visit (LINK)
  • If you’re interested in sponsorship opportunities, call us on 01284 715055 or email info@thegreatfruitadventure.com


We want schools all over the country to follow the journey.

To partner with the Great Fruit Adventure and to arrange a visit to your school, call us on 01284 715055 or email info@thegreatfruitadventure.com


Can you help with logistical support, equipment, expertise or contacts?

To partner your business with the Great Fruit Adventure 2016, call us on 01284 715055 or email info@thegreatfruitadventure.com