The Clipper World Tour will visit Australia in March

During its journey around the globe the nuts and dried fruit communication project will tell the stories of the Australian nuts and dried fruit industry. Starting in Sydney the tour will visit several locations and great personalities in the sector. Among them: Almond and macadamia farmers, post-harvest processors and manufacturers of smart equipment.

Companies and associations can apply for the Clipper World Tour. The tour offers various sponsorships. Once a sponsor is defined the Clipper Magazine team will coordinate the travel schedule and discuss the stories to be covered with the sponsor. Sponsors can choose wether they want to report from their desired location or just sponsor a story about others that has a useful relation to their own communication targets. Please note that only sponsors will be accepted who have a professional relationship in the nuts and dried fruit industry. 

The Clipper World Tour explores the most interesting, innovative, important, smart, funny stories behind the billion-dollar industry. The Clipper World Tour talks about the smartest, newest ways to produce, harvest, process, transport and sell healthy snacks from pistachios to dried apricots. 

The world of nuts and dried fruit is personal. The Clipper World Tour reports with a personal touch. The tour offers our viewers a look at places and a conversation with people on other continents. Getting to know the people behind the brand is essential for successful business – and communication. The Clipper World Tour brings people and companies closer to their clients and partners. 

Some topics might cover recent innovations in the industry and their inventors – irrigation, robotics, harvesting, packaging design, marketing etc. while others cover topics like sustainability or crop protection. Others might just talk about interesting people and companies or growing areas, important places of origin of nuts and dried fruit.