The Clipper offers targeted human resources campaigns for the snack, nuts and dried fruit business

The Clipper is offering innovative services for nuts and dried fruit, confectionery, snack and processing industry to target precisely human resources: With its database tools The Clipper is able to exactly identify certain groups of people within the industry that are qualified for positions in trade, post-harvest, production, farming or technology.

“Jobs in nuts and dried fruit can be very specific. The ideal candidate might be on a different continent. He might just be waiting for your job offer, but would not find it. We help bring great human potential and employers in the industry together. We developed smart algorithms to find and communicate with the relevant target groups in innovative ways”, explains CEO Axel Breuer at a conference.

The specific requirements for positions in the industry mean that companies do not have to be visible to thousands of internet searchers and viewers. They just have to find the people with the relevant skills, sometimes a handful of people around the planet. Targeting this specific group gets easier with personal relations of The Clipper Nuts and Dried Fruit Magazine: For over 30 years the magazine and its publisher AgroPress have established strong ties with manufacturers, processors, traders, importers, exporters, scientists in the industry.

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How does it work?

Companies that want to target a specific audience contact The Clipper Magazine and exactly define their requirements in terms of age, skills, location, education, salary etc. AgroPress then uses its algorithm to identify the ideal target group. By social media content like posts, images, videos, comments, links and shares AgroPress directly communicates with relevant recipients and creates interest in the job posting on the company page or on a specific landing page. AgroPress analyzes user behavior and shares its data with its clients.