Solar Day at the Almond Orchard to focus on mentoring and cultivating future industry leaders

ROSEVILLE, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Sunworks, Inc. (NASDAQ:SUNW), a leading provider of solar power solutions for agriculture, commercial, industrial (ACI), and residential markets, co-hosted the first “Solar Day at the Almond Orchard” event, a highly immersive experience in sustainable almond farming for enthusiastic, next generation leaders in the industry. The event, held at Chamisal Creek Ranch, was a first of its kind for the Almond Board of California Leadership Program.

“Solar Day at the Almond Orchard” was part of a year-long mentoring and immersion program for individuals involved in the California almond industry. The program includes over 100 hours of seminars and cooperative events on leadership training, communication strategies, networking, and educational assignments. Veteran almond industry volunteers teach and interact with the participants, instilling a set of responsibilities that are critical to the future of almond growing.

The program cultivates young agricultural leaders who are considered the industry’s best and brightest. They represent nearly every aspect of almond farming, from growers to retailers. Participants receive hands-on training in food safety, biomass utilization, honey extraction, and nutrition research. In recent years, these projects have led to important breakthroughs for almond growing, resulting in the development of revolutionary, sustainable methods that have made a direct impact on today’s almond farmers.

Chamisal Creek Ranch, a Blue Diamond Grower and current Sunworks customer, has a legacy built on environmental stewardship, proper plant health, and sustainable business operations across its 700-acre operation. Sunworks and Chamisal Creek Ranch seek to encourage sustainable almond growing practices and mentor the industry’s next generation of leaders. Sunworks has years of experience in agriculture-optimized solar technology, working with growers and processors across California to build sustainable energy initiatives that help them achieve low-cost electrical usage.

Mike Doherty, owner of Chamisal Creek, said, “Sustainability is a core commitment and key philosophy that inspires our family-owned, 40 year ranch to strive for environmental excellence. Sustainability is about ensuring that people, profit, and the environment are all considered while conducting daily business.”

Rita Edwards, Director of Marketing for Sunworks and a member of the Almond Growers Leadership Board, said, “We are extremely pleased to have co-hosted the Almond Board Leadership Program with Chamisal Creek Ranch. We are committed to establishing long term relationships with almond growers and to integrating solar power to enhance the efficiency of almond farming methods.”

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