Renewal Mills and Almond Board of California to deal with almond production food waste

Food waste has become an alarming issue for the food industry to tackle. Researches were initiated to find profitable solutions for handling food waste. Renewal Mills and Almond Board of California came up with easy and nutritious ways to deal with food waste.

Renewal Mills, a startup based in California, works with food manufacturers to upcycle byproducts from food processing to create value-added ingredients and food items. This initiative has enabled to tackle food waste, especially fiber and protein, by a huge range. The startup has produced okara, its first product and is also a main ingredient for animal feed, the material is leftover of soy milk and tofu production. Okara is turned into a nutritious rich flour where the taste and texture is of a high quality.

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The Almond Board of California (ABC) is experimenting with almond by-products and exploring the kind of products that could be made from almond hulls, husks, and twigs. All this while only animal feed was produced from almond by-products, however successful research has found that beer, sugar, nutrient-packed compost of mushrooms, biodegradable plastics, and even electricity could be made it. The researchers at ABC claims that the processes involved in manufacturing products form almond waste is very simple and they make use of mature technology.

“Almonds have a natural and wholesome reputation among customers, and almond-based plastic packaging could stand to benefit this,” said Molly Spence, director for North America at ABC. Food waste is growing to be an accessible nutritious company.