Released on Youtube: Idaho Potato Commission’s Newest Television Commercial

The Idaho Potato Commission (IPC) recently released the latest addition to its series of television commercials starring the Real Idaho® Potato Farmer Mark Coombs in search of his famed Big Idaho® Potato Truck.  In this fourth spot, Farmer Mark sets off on a mission with his bloodhound, Otis to find his missing truck after he sees college football sideline reporter, Heather Cox with his truck on the local news.

The “Missing” commercials featuring Farmer Mark made their debut four years ago during the first Big Idaho® Potato Truck Tour.

“Pairing our two largest marketing campaigns has proven to be highly successful,” says Frank Muir, President and CEO, IPC. “By featuring the Big Idaho® Potato Truck in our ads, we are essentially promoting the tour ten months out of the year. And, we know the campaign works because almost everywhere the truck travels, folks who have seen the commercial tell the traveling Tater Team to go home!”

The new commercial made its national debut during the Boise State University vs. University of Washington football game on September 5 and began running regularly in mid-October on national cable networks including The Food Network, CNN, Headline News, Fox News, The History Channel and The Cooking Channel.  The commercial will air through early February and generate more than 550 million audience impressions.

Heather Cox, a college football sideline reporter who has been working with the IPC for three years made a cameo appearance as herself in the commercial.  During football season, the Idaho resident helps generate excitement for Idaho® potatoes among college football fans and spud lovers across the country.  Currently she is helping the IPC promote its first online tailgating recipe contest.

The Big Idaho® Potato Truck just completed its fourth cross-country journey.  The tour began in 2012 as a one-year campaign to celebrate the IPC’s 75th anniversary and it was apparent from the start, based on the reaction from consumers, the industry and the media, that the truck would not be retiring anytime soon.  Today, it’s a solid part of pop-culture that has visited 48 states, met millions of folks across the country and generated billions of media impressions.

To view the commercial online, please visit the IPC’s Youtube Channel, or click here.

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