Professional Internships offered for new magazine

A Swiss company is about to launch one of the most exciting new publications of our time.

AgroPress is currently putting together an editorial team with creative, scientific and entrepreneurial talent from all over the world. The internship positions include:

  • Editorial Intern
    We are about to hire some of the best writers, speakers, scientists and founders from all over the world to talk about the future of food and agriculture. Our editorial interns will help at finding the right people and topics, brainstorming and preparing content, develop and execute concepts for visualization, develop and produce cross media content (video, print, online, social)
    Required: Journalism and/or Agriculture/Food Background,  English and other language
  • Creative Intern
    The new magazine will be on all communication platforms at the same time – print, online, social, mobile. We will launch a video channel, a podcast, a blog and even a series of events. Our interns will help to develop the design, the user interface, the communication tools and research photo, audio and video materials.
    Required: Print/Online Design and/or UI Design Background,  English and other language
  • Entrepreneurial Intern
    The new magazine will be a startup within the company. Together we will explore ways of collaboration with major players in various industries, develop marketing and production strategies, build a network of partners and supporters and create exciting presentations.
    Required: Economy or Marketing Background,  English and other language

All internships will benefit and learn from the existing know how of an established brand and develop a groundbreaking new project together. All internships will benefit from collaboration.

Location: Basel or Amsterdam, t.b.d.

The interns are paid a small expense remuneration according to local legislation.

Accommodation: t.b.d.