Nigeria exported 200,000 metric tonnes of cashew in 2017

Tola Faseru, the National President, National Cashew Association of Nigeria (NCAN) said that the year 2017 had been eventful for the cashew industry as one of the commodities that did well during the year.

According to him, the performed well in terms of the volume, saying that cashew farmers were able to increase volume to about 220,000 metric tonnes just as export also shut up to about 200,000 metric tonnes.

Acknowledging that quality had improved considerably with a better perception in the global market, saying that in the second quarter report by the National Bureau of Statistic (NBS) rated cashew as the number one commodity that contributed to the GDP among the non-oil sector.

Obviously pleased with the visit of the Minister of Agriculture’s visit to Vietnam during the year, Faseru acknowledged that the visit to the nation’s number trading partner in Cashew has further consolidated on the existing mutual understanding that exists between the two countries.

“Way back in 2013 we signed a MoU with the industry in Vietnam between an institution and Vietnam Cashew Association and in November, with the visit of the Minister along with me and other members of the delegation we saw that that will strengthen the business relationship that we have.

“The Minister was able to have a first interaction about how the country in the last 27 years had come from being an exporter of raw cashew nut has become the number one exporter of the kernel. We think and we believe that with this visit it means that we also can follow on that part,” Faseru enthused.

Faseru in his projection said there will be a major transformation in the Nigerian cashew landscape and that the industry is working at meeting its target of 500,000 metric tonnes within the next three years.
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