Clever irrigation methods save water for almond growers

The world is running out of water resources. The shortage will affect nearly all agricultural production around the globe in the near future. California Almond growers have suffered not only from water shortages in some growing areas which have led to smaller yields and lower quality – they have also been hit by a storm of accusations from activists who argue that the environmental impact on almond production is too high. Even if legislation has ruled in their favor there is no doubt that water has to be consumed more wisely to enable future growth and sustainability. As a consequence the Show Floor of the 2016 Almond Conference in Sacramento, California was packed with new solutions for water management and alternative energy solutions. The issue has inspired a variety of interesting solutions. The problem: Most of the systems are proprietary. They are not compatible with pumps or probes from other suppliers. It was time for a system that embraces existing technology and offers the comfort of controlling irrigation and fertigation on one platform. One of the few open systems available on the market is DropControl from WiseConn about DropControl.

DropControl is a cloud-based system to access irrigation, soil moisture, weather and field conditions, in order to make decisions, and execute irrigation scheduling. It enables the user to know what´s happening in the field, and with the irrigation equipment, from anywhere, through the internet.

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