A lot of almonds are looking for a lot of consumers

The California Almond Industry continues to impress as a science-driven high-performance industry with growing output and a growing level of smart technology. While we see record harvests every year the pressure on the almond board to stimulate sufficient consumption all over the world grows. Water also remains an issue for the industry. I asked the new chairman of the Almond Board Mike Mason and Richard Waycott, CEO about the current and future developments and challenges.

The Clipper: What is your forecast for almond production in California?

Mike Mason: We are going to see an increase of production because we know there have been a lot of new trees planted, a net growth of production – not just replacement of older trees. Some growers would shift to almonds from corn or grapes for example. Over the next five years we expect a 30% rise of production.

The Clipper: Will the world market be ready for the increased volumes?

Richard Waycott: About half a year ago we increased the assessment from 3 cents to 4 cents per pound. We did that because we know that we will have an increase of production and we have to turn on the ‘marketing machine’ early. You cannot just do more marketing when the bigger quantities are there because it will not have an immediate effect. We are entering some new markets and we are developing some existing markets – like Germany….

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