Kerala is planning to link up with African nations to procure raw cashew production

A Year In, India’s Communist-Led Kerala Continues to Take Steps to Ensure Inclusivity

About US$4 million will be allocated to fishing communities that lost their homes due to ocean floods by The Kerala government. Kerala relies heavily on its cashew industry and is planning to link up with African nations to procure raw cashew production.

“Almost three lakh workers in Kerala depend on cashew processing for their livelihood. Most of these workers are women who belong to the most disadvantaged sections of the society. The biggest beneficiaries of this conclave are the cashew workers in Kerala and cashew farmers or producers in Africa,” J Mercykutty Amma, fisheries and cashew industry minister, told Times of India.

“This agreement will help avoid intermediaries, to restore the value chain for Kerala buyers, processors, end products, and marketers. It will retain the demand and stability of prices,” he explained.

Under the communist-led government, the Comprehensive Health Insurance Scheme of Kerala also widened the scope of health insurance available for informal workers.

Between 2006 and 2011, plans to ensure food and nutritional security for the tribals in the form of community kitchen; increased educational loans and expansion of health facilities; appointment of about 30 specialized doctors in Tribal Super Speciality hospitals; distribution of nutritious food through Anganawadis; rural mother and child care centers in India and much more add to the achievements of the left-led progressive government of Kerala.

source: Telesur