Italian phytosanitary service publishes list of authorised hazelnut producers

The Piedmont Region Phytosanitary Service is the only one with an online list of nurseries authorised to sell hazelnut plants for agricultural use.

Legislative decree no. 214 of 19 August 2005 (as amended) implementing council directive 2002/89/EC on “protective measures against the introduction into the Community of organisms harmful to plants or plant products and against their spread within the Community” laid down provisions aimed at preventing the introduction of organisms harmful to plants and their spread within the Community as well as phytosanitary checks on the production and circulation of vegetable materials.

Silvia Ogliara, Regione Piemonte – Agricultural Office, Regional Phytosanitary sector, explains that the subjects authorised to produce plants (nurseries) must report the list of the vegetable species they produce and sell for checks that verify the presence of harmful organisms.

In addition, Ministerial Decree 12 November 2009 “Definition of professional requirements and of the minimum equipment needed to carry out production, commerce and import activities” establishes the obligation of producer-nurseries to communicate their production plan as well as the exact location of the land used for nursery purposes.

Hazelnut production has been increasing in Piedmont for the past few years. Currently, around 20,600 hectares are dedicated to hazelnut production managed by 9,400 companies (source: Anagrafe agricola unica del Piemonte).

“In order to supply producers with guarantees regarding authorised nurseries, the Phitosanitary Service felt it useful to publish a list of authorised producers. The list is updated periodically and is available at: It is an extremely useful tool for businesses looking for suppliers.”