Hilltop Ranch informs partners about impact of adverse weather for almond blossom

Good day,

Over the past week we have received many phone calls asking if weather has impacted bloom. We wanted to give you a quick update from what we have seen with the weather, bloom, and market.

Bloom – Has started in most growing regions of the state. The 4-5 days of good weather seemed to bring some of the bloom along quickly. With sunshine and warm weather we experienced this past Sunday-Wednesday orchards had noticeably more flowers popping out of the jackets by the hour.

Weather – The wet weather has returned for most of the state. Turlock north is getting good amount of rain. Sacramento area is expected 2-4″ of rain over the weekend. Bakersfield areas are expected to get rain Thursday evening. The wet weather is supposed to stick around for the next 5-7 days. With most short term and long term forecasts predicting rain for the rest of the month.

Market – It seems the weather and rain during bloom has brought increased interest into the market. The uncertainty of pollination along with the heavy sold position has increased prices $.05-$.10 per lbs on most items. Many are asking what to do with most doing at least some more buying trying to spread risk.

Final Thoughts – Rain may or may not have an impact on the 2017 crop, the reality is we don’t know yet. Some are quick to point out that the last bloom that went through rain set a very nice crop, while others look further back and note the several crops that experienced weather events during bloom that didn’t. What we do know is there is uncertainty with crop expectations and current crop is heavily sold. Consumers seem to be buying almonds and they are still a cheap healthy versatile nut. We might have a great crop and we might have a crop that disappoints, we wont know for several months.

We are currently and selling most items on Current crop and limited new crop items.

Please let us know if you have questions or demand.

Thank You,

Hilltop Ranch