Food waste and how to solve it

Food waste is a global, billion-dollar problem. Belgian sorting technology manufacturer TOMRA has released an interesting free publication on the topic: ‘It’s time to end food waste’ explores the origins, the reasons and some exciting solutions for the global food waste problem. Supercharged composters, mini-ventilators, smart lipid films are just some of the solutions to reduce the 1.3 billion tons of food that is currently wasted between agricultural production and the dinner plate. Scientists and Entrepreneurs present their vision about tackling the global food waste problem. ‘It’s time to end food waste’ is now available for download here.

Among the most interesting topics in the publication ‘It’s time to end food waste’ is a closer look at the psychology of food waste byJessica Aschemann-Witzel.

Waldhauer explains how “…the food sector business can create opportunities for reducing consumer-related food waste. It can be done in ways that acknowledge consumer´s goal conflicts with regard to food or the lack of food management capabilities. And in addition to that, the actions can also increase consumer awareness of the negative consequences of food waste…”

The entrepreneurs of KDG AG are aiming high: The US-based startup plans to reduce food waste by thousands of tons every day – and make money in the process. Their solution for the ‘Ferrari of composters’ is a great example of how food waste is not only an environmental problem, but a promising business.

It’s time to end food waste’ illustrates how India could become the global leader on the banana market – by simply applying post-harvest technology like better cooling. Another step in agricultural production is sorting: By improving fresh produce sorting with available technologies the food industry could improve its footprint significantly: “…By increasing yields by just 1% with better sorting technology, it is possible to increase the final amount of

this type of produce in the United States by 11 million tons…”

It seems obvious to call food waste ‘The world’s dumbest problem’ – and a ‘modern’ problem: About 70 years ago the idea of throwing away food seemed obscene. And since most of agricultural production was still local much less food got lost between producer and consumer. It’s time to end food waste shows that food waste offers a lot of potential to make the supply chain more sustainable…and more profitable.

It’s time to end food waste also features some of the most exciting and creative business ideas and approaches to food waste: Kenya’s Freshbox by a young Kenyan inventor, a simple shelf life solution called Wakati, award winning fruit crisps maker Spare Fruit, food waste chef Massimo Bottura and many more.

Food sorting technology supplier TOMRA has been very vocal about food waste, addressing the problem and offering solutions to improve the supply chain. The publication It’s time to end food waste can now be download on TOMRA’s website.