Bühler Aeroglide Dryer Tweets Demonstrate Food Safety and Productivity Benefits

Live Tweets from an in-process dryer illustrate how unprecedented process control and transparency can save energy, reduce waste, and ensure safe food

Cary, (NC) December 1 – The Bühler Group plans to hold a second live tweet event this Tuesday, December 5, to coincide with the 2017 Almond Conference in Sacramento, California. It will demonstrate how IoT can ensure continuous inactivation during dry roasting. Starting at 4:00PM EST, the event will feature 48 hours of live tweeting from Bühler’s IoT edge gateway, installed on an in-process Aeroglide dryer. Tweets will showcase AeroPro Moisture Control (MC) and Process Monitoring (PM) IoT products with a focus on dependable inactivation of pathogens. Bühler’s recent Twitter event introduced the benefits of continuous dryer monitoring at an IoT exhibition in Uzwil, Switzerland.

The @buhlerIoT handle will tweet diagnostics every 10 minutes to demonstrate the enormous flexibility, possibilities and transparency gained from IoT data. The same Twitter handle will also answer questions and interact with users at the conference and abroad. Bühler invites user questions.

“Connected machines leveraging IoT sensors, cloud managed big data and analytics, are disrupting the norm in the drying machinery sector,” said Doug Beloskur, Product Manager of Automation and IoT for Bühler Aeroglide, who will offer a presentation about processing technology considerations for almond roasting. “This technology is paving the way for advanced machine intelligence and machine / process AI formation.”

Beloskur’s presentation will provide study results of almond layer depth in relation to inactivation of E. faecium NRRL-B 2354 and introduce a novel application of continuous monitoring, sensor and control automation technology. This technology can advance the processors’ ability to take earlier corrective actions to prevent underprocessed food. The session will take place from 10:45-11:45 a.m. on December 5 in Room 314 of the Sacramento Convention Center. Visitors are also invited to Bühler’s exhibition booth #837.

AeroPro Process Monitoring
AeroPro Process Monitoring ensures consistent and safe processing using sensor-based technology, coupled with algorithms built on decades of drying experience and pathogen reduction research. For segments of the food and feed industries that rely on drying or roasting equipment for a kill step, it provides a valuable food safety validation solution. With AeroPro PM, the user can receive real-time log reduction data based on parameter sensors that send information to a program modeled to a particular process. Should a process change occur, the user is alerted so that the process can be stopped or diverted to ensure food safety.

Bühler is leading the industry with a customer-partnership solutions approach that uses big data flows to ensure processing sustainability. These solutions not only give the processor the ability to make decisions with confidence, enormous amounts of data can be analyzed in real time, and this provides the foundation for enterprise decision making.

AeroPro Moisture Control
AeroPro Moisture Control provides full time, real-time dryer monitoring with hardware, software, and ongoing process expertise, combined with technical support, ensuring the most efficient dryer operations ever. Controlled drying parameters ensure that a food or feed product is shelf-stable, removing the precise amount of moisture. However, one processing deviation can dramatically affect batch specifications, resulting in over drying to compensate, and this can mean reduced yield as well as compromised product.

With AeroPro MC’s closed loop design, the dryer is controlled based on the moisture content of the product exiting the dryer. Required changes are immediate, saving valuable time needed for manual testing, increasing the dryer’s yield. In today’s competitive marketplace, the smallest percentage gain can increase yields and profitability. Therefore, real-time management that can achieve a net increase of just 1% in finished moisture can result in a return-on-investment increase of $300,000. This translates into an energy savings valued at $20,000 per year. Production data can be viewed in real time via computer, phone, tablet or other web-connected device. Custom dashboards can provide the most critical data in a quick and meaningful way. Data storage is cloud-based making viewing and reporting fast and easy.