Almond Ace Packing gets high rating in unannounced audit

Almond Ace Packing Inc., a grower-owned almond processing, almond manufacturing and export company, was recognized by the Almond Hullers & Processors Association (AHPA) for achieving a “Superior” rating for the 2014-2015 season during an unannounced food safety and plant sanitation audit. To qualify for this Superior rating, Almond Ace Packing scored a rating of 900 points or higher during an unannounced sanitation inspection and plant audit by Duane Lindsay and Associates. The President of AHPA, Kelly Covello, commends Almond Ace Packing for participating in the voluntary audit program.Almond Ace Packing Inc. was founded in 2010 in Ripon, California, by the Tilbury family, where the company now processes, manufactures, and globally exports more than 15 million pounds of almonds annually. With a constant and careful eye on customer satisfaction and quality, this is the fourth consecutive season that Almond Ace Packing has been recognized by AHPA for receiving a superior rating during a voluntary audit. In just five short seasons, Almond Ace Packing has blossomed from a start-up to an internationally recognized and award-winning processor, manufacturer, and exporter of high-quality almonds.

“We’re working diligently to improve every aspect of our current processing facility and to exceed our customers’ expectations in every area,” said Anthony Mello, CEO of Almond Ace Packing Inc. “Our staff works incredibly hard implementing and following best manufacturing practices, so the recognition of our efforts by AHPA is very rewarding,” Mello added. Despite its recognition for excellence and Superior rating, however, Mello was quick to point out that Almond Ace is in the middle of a multi-million dollar remodel, plant upgrade, and expansion. “We are working tirelessly to upgrade our current facility and build a brand new almond manufacturing ‘sister’ facility,” stated Mello.
Mello also cited the excellent job its growers and almond huller-sheller, Paddack Hulling & Shelling, does to deliver exceptionally clean, shelled, extra-light™ and pristine non-chipped and non-scratched almonds as an important factor in recent quality awards it has received.

A staggering 80% of the world’s almond supply comes from California’s Central Valley. Almond Ace Packing Inc. currently processes and exports almonds in bulk shelled, unshelled, blanched, and manufactured to more than 30 countries worldwide. It has also recently expanded into processing walnuts, and will be adding other manufactured nut products to its product line-up in the near future.