AgroPress to extend corporate publishing services for the nut and dried fruit industry

The publisher of the global information leader for the nut and dried fruit industry is offering new corporate publishing and PR solutions for the industry – integrated services with print and online publishing as well as social media communication, video production and website creation. AgroPress stands for high quality publications in the perishable industry since 1943. The company has extended the editorial team to offer better service to companies and associations involved in the marketing of almonds, hazelnuts, pistachios, walnuts, cashew nuts and dried fruit worldwide. The Clipper Magazine was created in 1979 to offer in-depth information for the nuts and dried fruit with a special focus on production, processing, crop science and crop protection, marketing and retail strategies. Due to the high demand of industry communication AgroPress has established several services for companies and associations to target the BtoB audience – from scientists to supermarket buyers and category managers.

“It is all about bringing the right information to the right people. We want to help our clients to create awareness for their products and their strategy with the right audience. In our business it does not matter to reach many people if they are not relevant as a target audience. Our business is to exactly match your message with the target audience”, says Axel Breuer, newly appointed CEO of AgroPress.

AgroPress and The Clipper magazine are proud to be industry independent, offering reliable and truthful reports that help the industry develop and maintain successful strategies.

“We have not published a single advertorial in more than 75 years of existence. We consider it our task to separate business and journalism. Not many BtoB magazines have this policy. We want to support the industry. Our strategy has proven successful. We are growing”, says Breuer.

For more information about the Corporate Publishing and PR Services of AgroPress please contact the management.