AgroPress announces Clipper Special Edition India for nuts and dried fruit

The INDIA SPECIAL is all about the import and export market with the fastest growing population,
the fastest growing middle class and the fastest growing GDP of a major country.

Enormous potential for the nuts and dried fruit sector. Book now to be part of the edition.

The edition is the ideal platform for you to present you as an importer or exporter,  a supplier for machinery, technology, consulting and for business partnerships.
The INDIA SPECIAL will be distributed to all relevant trade shows, associations, organisations, universities, government entities and shipped to our advertisers in 88 countries with a total of more than 10,000 copies.

Every advertiser receives a free batch of 100 issues for his own PR, sales and marketing work.

The issue will be published in Hindi and English.

The edition will be accompanied by PR and social media communication on all relevant channels.

All articles, videos and podcasts will be featured on all platforms in several languages.
You can download our media kit here.

If you like to be part of the edition please read the media kit or contact us directly at +41787102217